Get to Know: Stressless® Recliners & Home Office Chairs

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Stressless® recliners and home office chairs are crafted in Norway by the renowned Danish furniture manufacturer, Ekornes, and offer the ideal solution to unwind and rejuvenate.

With a rich heritage, innovative design, patented features, various base types and a commitment to sustainability, the Stressless® range has become synonymous with ultimate comfort and luxury.

Personalised Comfort with the Plus™ & Glide™ Systems

Imagine a chair that adapts to your every move, offering support exactly where you need it. With revolutionary features like the Plus™ & Glide™ systems, finding your perfect sitting position is made simple.

Feel your stress melt away as you relax, with automatic support to your neck and lumbar region provided by the Plus™ system. Unlock the ultimate relaxation with the headrest sleep function, perfect for quick power naps or long-day snoozes in your recliner.

Experience Bliss with the BalanceAdapt™ Technology
Stressless® doesn't just support your body; it syncs with it. The BalanceAdapt™ system on the Signature base recliners ensures that your chair moves with you, keeping you comfortable no matter how much you shift around.

With gentle rocking motion, you can unwind from the day and enjoy extended reclining in your Stressless® recliner.

Fit for You
No two bodies are the same, and neither are Stressless® chairs. From wide and tall to sleek and slim, there's a size to suit every body type and décor preference. Plus, with a variety of base options, you can customise your chair to match your style.

Personalise your recliner even further with the large selection of bases, each offering unique designs and functionalities.

Work in Comfort with Stressless® Office Chairs
When at your work station, it’s important to have a supportive, comfortable seating option.

Working from a Stressless® recliner keeps you both agile and supported during those long hours. The collection of home office recliners combines ultimate comfort and style, blending effortlessly with the rest of your interior. 

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