Debunking the Myths of MDF

About MDF

MDF - Medium Density Fibreboard, was first produced in New Zealand in 1976, the first in South Hemisphere to do so. Since then, New Zealand has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of MDF board and products, made from high-quality NZ grown Radiata pine.

What is MDF?

Made from NZ grown radiata pine, MDF is made from wood fibres, wax and resin combined to create a dense, durable board that's extremely workable.

Is it unsafe for my home?

Formaldehyde emissions present in everyday wood products, have been shown to cause possible lung damage and disease. NZ MDF manufacturers have conducted research in conjunction with resin suppliers and reduced formaldehyde emissions in MDF products to levels similar if not identical to their natural wood counterparts. These levels cannot be erased, formaldehyde occurs naturally, even in oxygen. Standards for formaldehyde emissions are now firmly in place and are carefully regulated.

My furniture won't last

While MDF may have once been a definite second to solid wood and other materials, now that manufacturing has advanced, higher grades of NZ-made MDF are competition for solid wood. Furniture made of NZ-made MDF is also easier to maintain and if something should get broken - much easier to repair with spare parts. This is because fixings don't require the addition of glue due to the great screw-holding ability of MDF.

MDF is also resistant to warping, humidity and heat making it perfect for the New Zealand climate.

It is not Sustainable

The trees from which the NZ-made MDF fibres are harvested come from sustainably managed radiata pine forests, from right here in NZ. A portion of the wood fibres MDF is made from are recycled from other processes thus reducing waste. 

The radiata pine is a fast-growing species, able to quickly regrow, making reforestation a quicker process, reducing any disturbance to the eco-system. 

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