Bunk and sofa beds to the holiday rescue

When holidays or the festive season are approaching, you’ll need an extra bed or two for those unexpected guests at home or the Bach.

Bunk beds and sofa beds give you extra options to keep the holiday fun going by putting up your guests - both planned and unexpected! Here are our tips for these purchases.

With bunk beds safety is important. Let’s face it, the bunks are going to get a good work out from the kids – yours and others doing what kids do. You want a well-built and sturdy structure that won’t wobble and tip.

When you’re looking at bunk beds, we recommend you give them a good shake test. You’ll soon notice if the bed is good quality. Not all bunks are created equal or meet the highest safety standards.

Our quality timber Haven beds are sturdy, built to last, and designed to meet New Zealand safety standards (NZS 4220:2010). They look smart and come in three fashionable colours, hazelnut, walnut and white, depending on the style you choose.

They come in Single and King Single or a Single over Double, and there’s room underneath for extra storage or a trundler, so you can even add another guest to stay the night.

Another thing we love about Haven beds is the space they offer on the bottom bunk. You can easily sit upright on the lower bed making it a quiet haven for book reading or playing games.

Sofa beds comfy and stylish

Sofa beds come in a beautiful range of stylish fold-down or click clack sofas with many colours and fabrics to choose from and are increasingly popular as an addition to the home for those unexpected guests.

Our designer sofa beds are popular because they look great in any setting, are comfortable to sleep on, and are a great practical choice to give you additional bedding.

You might have memories of a poor sleep on a pull-out couch. Rest assured, gone are the days when a sofa bed was both a slumpy couch and an extremely uncomfortable bed!

With Paula’s to the rescue, you or your guests need not suffer a terrible night’s sleep from the pull-out couch again.

Treat yourself, your family and your guests to a comfortable and attractive addition to your home or bach and know that you’re covered for those unexpected guests.

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