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Repels dirt and grime protecting your Devon furniture from liquid and food stains.

  • Suitable for Teak and Kwila

When should I use Devon Timber Furniture Shield?

DEVON Timber Furniture Shield provides an almost invisible layer of protection on the surface of the wood that helps to prevent food stains (coffee, ketchup, red wine) from penetrating into teak wood. DEVON Timber Furniture Shield also protects teak against moisture and adhesion of dirt and mildew growth, resulting in a natural silver patina grey colour.

Can I use Devon Timber Furniture Shield on new teak wood?

Before using DEVON Timber Furniture Shield on new teak, put the teak outside for one week. Follow the instructions for use.

Can I use Devon Timber Furniture Shield on weathered or dark grey Teak?

Teak that has been weathered should be cleaned with DEVON Timber Furniture Cleaner prior to applying DEVON Timber Furniture Shield. If the teak feels a bit rough, it can be lightly sanded before treating with DEVON Timber Furniture Shield. Additional instructions can be found on the bottle.

How often should I apply Devon Timber Furniture Shield?

We recommend treating teak with DEVON Timber Furniture Shield at least once per year. Table tops should be treated more often, depending on the frequency of use.
Can I use Devon Timber Furniture Shield on Devon Teak Protector?
It is possible to use DEVON Timber Furniture Shield on DEVON Teak Protector. This will result in improved water repellent qualities, but only for a rather short period of time, because the DEVON Timber Furniture Shield cannot completely soak into the wood. This means that treatments need to be repeated more frequently.

Can I use Devon Teak Protector on Devon Timber Furniture Shield?

This is not possible because DEVON Timber Furniture Shield does not allow the DEVON Teak Protector to soak into the wood. This means that the treated teak first needs to be cleaned with DEVON Timber Furniture Cleaner, before the DEVON Teak Protector can be re-applied. 

Devon Timber Furniture Shield is water-based. Does this mean that this product will dry very slowly?

Although our DEVON Timber Furniture Shield is water-based, it dries quickly. The polymer ingredients in DEVON Timber Furniture Shield interact with the wood fibres causing DEVON Timber Furniture Shield to break down rapidly. After the first layer is applied, four hours are needed before applying a second coat. Humid climates may require a slightly longer drying time. After the second  layer, 48 hours should pass before the furniture is used. Since DEVON Timber  Furniture Shield reacts with moisture in the air, the reaction will be completed approximately one week after application.

How can I remove Devon Timber Furniture Shield from the wood?

DEVON Timber Furniture Cleaner will remove DEVON Timber Furniture Shield. If needed, the wood can be sanded after drying

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