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Cleans and restores weathered timber furniture.

How do I clean teak? 

Use DEVON Timber Furniture Cleaner, which is specifically designed to kill mould and mildew spores inside teak. Simply follow the directions on the bottle and the colour will be restored. Since cleaning teak takes some time and effort, we recommend using DEVON Teak Protector or DEVON Timber Furniture Shield before weathering  takes effect again.

What if my teak is rough and weathered?

Although it may look rough and weathered, teak has enough natural teak oil inside to keep it protected from rot. Simply put, rough teak is a cosmetic problem, not a maintenance problem. If you prefer a completely smooth surface we advise hand sanding your teak with very fine sandpaper. Power sanding generates extra heat that can create black marks on your teak. After sanding, use a dry, rough cleaning sponge to remove any remaining sawdust. 

How does Devon Timber Furniture Cleaner react on oiled or sealed teak wood?

DEVON Timber Furniture Cleaner removes the oil and/or dirt from the wood, making the wood evenly pale-brown. The teak may be subsequently treated with DEVON Teak Protector or DEVON Timber Furniture Shield depending on your colour preference. It is important that DEVON Teak Protector is never applied directly to oiled teak, because it will result in a very poor finish. 

Does the Devon Timber Furniture Cleaner affect pavement and or grass and plants?

DEVON Timber Furniture Cleaner may affect grass, plants and some types of pavements. We recommend covering the work area with a disposable piece of plastic.

Some other brands sell two products for cleaning teak wood; a Teak Cleaner and a Teak Brightener. Does Devon Timber Furniture Cleaner do the same job?

Because DEVON Timber Furniture Cleaner contains both cleaning and brightening ingredients, the two-step process can be reduced to one step, saving time and  money.

What if I notice darker (or even black) spots on some parts of the furniture?

Black spots are typically caused by humidity in the wood that is developing into mould or mildew. This can be remedied by cleaning the dark spots with DEVON Timber Furniture Cleaner. Alternatively, the spots can be sanded by hand and then cleaned. To prevent this from happening again, use DEVON Teak Protector after the cleaning step.