LEVENE Tivoli 500ml Lge Goblet

LEVENE Tivoli 500ml Lge Goblet

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The Levene Classic Glassware Collection comprises European Inspired Handmade glassware extending into a range of quality Drinkware, Tableware, Serveware and Décor accessories.

The Levene Classic Handmade Glassware Collection is made to precise specifications, using skills passed down through generations of skilled artisans. The recipe and mixing of the ingredients for the Levene Classic Glassware Collection ensures that, when combined with the artisan skills, the texture, consistency, colour and clarity of the finished pieces are exactly as desired. Fired at extremely high temperatures using gas-fired kilns, the molten Soda-Lime ingredients, are then formed by teams of glass blowers and finished to the exacting standards, reflecting the timeless European design inspiration and the demands of the modern global consumer.

The quality specifications, and continual quality assurance & approval regime, includes thorough testing to meet the high standards of the Levene ClassicTM Collection.