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Devon Care - KWILA PROTECTOR - 1 Litre

Devon Care - KWILA PROTECTOR - 1 Litre

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Maintains and protects the natural colour of Kwila timber furniture.


What is Devon Kwila Protector?

DEVON Kwila Protector is a modern treatment for kwila that is easy to apply and lasts a long time. The treatment protects your kwila. DEVON Kwila Protector assists to prevent your kwila from turning black or grey and lasts the entire season.

How is Devon Kwila Protector different from varnish or coatings?

Surface coatings such as a varnish, do not last forever. Water eventually penetrates the coating, causing cracking and/or peeling. Coatings must be sanded to remove them, which makes maintenance burdensome. Also, kwila garden furniture with shiny coatings on the kwila doesn’t look natural. Since DEVON Kwila Protector penetrates into the pores of the kwila, it becomes almost invisible: treated and protected kwila looks as good as new natural kwila.  

How does Devon Kwila Protector make my life easier?

DEVON Kwila Protector makes life easier because it preserves kwila furniture, is easy to apply, and lasts much longer than ordinary sealers or oils. Since DEVON Kwila Protector penetrates into the kwila in less than an hour, your clothes stay clean when sitting on your kwila furniture, unlike oil products that may puddle and get on clothes.

How long does Devon Kwila Protector last?

DEVON Kwila Protector generally lasts for the entire season without turning black or grey. The duration depends upon factors such as exposure to the sun, humidity, rain, the age of the Kwila and some other factors.

Devon Kwila Protector is water-based. Does this mean that this product will dry very slowly?

Although DEVON Kwila Protector is water-based it dries quickly. This means that furniture can be used within a few hours.

Does the Devon Kwila Protector effect pavement and/or grass and plants?

DEVON Kwila Protector may effect grass, plants and some types of pavements. We recommend covering the work area with a disposable piece of plastic.