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Bedsrus Serenity

Bedsrus Serenity

Enjoy the perfect balance of comfort and support for a truly serene sleep. Sleepyhead's 2019 Serenity range is wonderful for your body and with minimal partner disturbance, even better for your relationship. A beautiful night’s sleep awaits you with pocket spring technology made locally in New Zealand

Serenity Range:

  • Serenity S Series 3
  • Serenity S Series 5
  • Serenity S Series 7
  • Serenity Z Series 1
  • Serenity Z Series 3
  • Serenity Z Series 6
  • Serenity Z Series 8

Is it for you?

If partner disturbance is a concern then the Serenity range is one to try. Sleepyhead's Pocket Spring technology provides independent support and exceptional comfort at an attractive price.

What's inside?

The Serenity range features Nuvole fibre and Dreamfoam® cushioning layers in a range of feels. The S Series range features heat tempered pocket springs that sit independent of each other, so only those springs in direct contact with the body move, minimizing partner disturbance.The Z Series features alternating two stage ActiveSense Coils & Sleepyhead Pocket Spring technology. Designed to detect and respond to pressure, the 3 zone ActiveSense system offers superior comfort and support.