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Bedsrus Sanctuary After Dark

Bedsrus Sanctuary After Dark

Exclusive to BedsRus, the Sleepyhead Sanctuary After Dark collection sets a new benchmark in the luxury bed category. Featuring world-class, revolutionary technology and state of the art quality, comfort and support – there is simply no comparison.

At the heart of the collection is our most advanced support system, Sensorzone®3DX. Engineered on the philosophy of comfort and support, experience the unparalleled luxury of the After Dark’s comfort layers while achieving optimal spine alignment, endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association. The addition of Kulkote Copper improves heat regulation throughout the night, complementing the ultimate sleep environment.

Widely known as the most beautiful sleep in the country – the After Dark provides the ultimate premium sleep experience.

Advanced temperature regulatory innovation with KulKote Copper.

KulKote Copper contains temperature reactive microcapsules that absorb and release heat energy while you sleep. The addition of the best thermal conductor - copper, improves that heat transfer for the ultimate sleep environment.

After Dark Range:

  • Dream 4
  • Dream 7
  • Dream 10  

Is it for you?

Our premium Sleepyhead Sanctuary After Dark range has the most luxurious comfort levels to give you the most beautiful sleep possible. If you value luxury, expert craftsmanship and won't compromise on a good night's sleep then a Sleepyhead Sanctuary After Dark bed has been created with you in mind.

What's inside?

At the heart of the Sleepyhead Sanctuary After Dark mattress is the patented Sensorzone® 3DX support system. Sensorzone® 3DX is our most advanced dual support system that is multi-zoned, both vertically and horizontally with a centralised layer of mini-pocket springs for the ultimate in support, comfort and pressure point relief to reduce aches and pains.