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Bedsrus Chiropractic HD
Bedsrus Chiropractic HD

Bedsrus Chiropractic HD

The Chiropractic HD range combines super-strength 2.3mm gauge z-shaped coils and Sleepyhead's graduated five-zone system, providing support exactly where your body needs it the most.

Chiropractic HD Range:

  • Raglan
  • St Clair 
  • Tolaga

Chiropractic HDX Range:

  • Foxton
  • Westshore

Is it for you?

Gently cradles your hips and shoulders, while also helping to provide optimal spinal alignment. Ideal for anyone wanting a bed that does it all.

What's inside?

The advanced 5 zoned design actively cradles the body and provides advanced support. A high density unique foam structure with a firm feel provides extra support and luxurious comfort and solid foam edging provides support right to the edge of the mattress reducing the 'roll out' feeling.