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MOD 3 Corner and Twin - Indoor - Black Sapphire
MOD 3 Corner and Twin - Indoor - Black Sapphire
MOD 3 Corner and Twin - Indoor - Black Sapphire

MOD 3 Corner and Twin - Indoor - Black Sapphire

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What to do with that compact corner in the apartment? How to utilize small space efficiently on a budget? How to have luxury furniture that I can move around with ease?  The answer just may be to get a modular Cozy Corner in the elegant black sapphire quilted interior fabric.

Soft, structured bean bag furniture can revolutionise your space and immerse you in luxury. Great for young couples, this sofa Seats 2-3 people easily and is total bliss when stretching out at home by yourself.

As many urban-dwellers cram into inner city living and the cost of housing rises like a fiscal tsunami – we are challenged to live in smaller spaces. However, having smaller spaces doesn't mean we need to accept smaller comforts. With the Cozy corner soft modular sofa, there’s no need to sacrifice lifestyle and quality of living (room)?

Smart apartment and homes can get a quilted cozy corner 3 piece set in our beautiful interior fabrics.

  • 70% Polyester, 30% Acrylic, 25% Cotton
  • See picture above for dimensions


  • Beautiful, Tactile, Premium Weave Fabric
  • High Density Ultra Bead Fill
  • Lightweight, easy adjust & transport
  • Modular versatile zip system
  • Pre-Filled and Ready-to-Lounge
  • Soft Safe Edges ideal for Playful Kids
  • Tensile Elastic Structure & Stability
  • Thickly Quilted Soft Furniture
  • Top-up Filling Care Kit
  • Ykk Safety-Locking Zip & Funnelweb System


  Note:  Out of stock in our store - this item needs to be shipped from Australia.