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Devon Lifestyle

Design & Construction

We believe the value of a Devon table doesn't rest on the table top. As with most things, it's what's going on underneath that counts, and for all Devon Furniture this includes construction that copes with the stresses of weight and movement admirably. Joints are designed to flex with the timber movement, and extreme weather conditions won't contort the furniture thanks to quality materials and precision design.

Shiny Bits

Some outdoor furniture suffers because of inferior fittings unable to withstand outdoor exposure, and in particular, salty coastline conditions. Not so with Devon furniture – all our fittings are made from quality stainless steel, aluminium and zinc alloy to prevent rust. Their natural finish will keep shining through rain, shine, salt and water spray.


Teak is a durable tropical hardwood timber, regarded for centuries as the ideal timber for boat building and furniture making where strength and longevity are required. Teak wood will survive for many years outdoors with little or no structural deterioration, thanks to its highly water-resistant quality – it’s even repellant to insects.

Devon’s teak furniture is finished by fine sanding and/or brushing. We then buff the surface of the teak to draw out the naturally occurring teak extractives. A coat of Devon Timber Furniture Shield is applied to repel water and dirt and protect.

Teak Care

If your furniture is inside, the natural honey colour of the teak will slowly darken, while your outdoor teak furniture will fade to a silver-grey patina. To maintain the natural honey colour of the teak use Devon Furniture Care products.

Cleaning teak patio furniture and teak outdoor furniture

Teak requires minimal maintenance.  A light once over with a soft brush, will remove accumulated dirt alongside Devon Care Teak Protector & Devon Care Timber Cleaner.

Winter or wet season storage and protection

Teak outdoor furniture can be left outdoors all year round, regardless of the location. You might opt to cover your teak patio furniture during the winter if so, utilize a cover, which will allow your teak wood to breathe. If you store your teak furniture indoors during the heavy weather season, do not store the furniture in heated rooms. Such storage methods will dry out the wood inconsistently and may cause cracks in your furniture. Teak will naturally expand and contract with weather changes over time.  

Synthetic Weave

Devon woven furniture uses synthetic weave, tightly woven by hand to achieve exceptional comfort and appearance. Synthetic weaves are high-performance outdoor materials – UV and fade resistant, and able to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

Our synthetic weaves are made from polyethylene, which can be recycled completely residue-free.

Weave Care

You can clean your Devon furniture’s weave simply by using a soft brush, and a mild soap and clean water solution. Don’t use any type of abrasive agent or scouring pad, as scratches can remain on the surface.